This research was conducted on behalf of our client, The Lee County Humane Society. The goal of our research was to increase the volume and retention of student involvement with the organization. A focus group was conducted and results were compiled and presented to the humane society. Our group examined LCHS existing presence on social media and then developed steps to improve their overall effectiveness. Our primary focus was on the Instagram and Facebook accounts. With the research, we made adjustments to the type of content in posts and the frequency in which they were posted.

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Our group concluded if our suggestions were taken into account, the LCHS would be successful in:

  • +Increasing student involvement
  • +Using social media as an outreach and informational tool
  • +Retaining student volunteers


The Lee County Humane Society


  • + Spring 2016
  • + Class: Public Relations Research
  • + In: focus group, research
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