I created The Link using the program InDesign from Adobe Creative Suite. It consists of my writings that I completed for three clients during the fall semester: Auburn Family, The Corner News and Extension Daily. These stories were originally written in Wordpress and Bloxus.

The writings you will find inside are: How to Care for your Fiddle-Leaf Fig, Feature: Langdon Hall, This is Diverse. This is Auburn, Curtsy in Auburn, Making the Most of Tiny Spaces and How to Preserve Evergreen.

PDF Version


I created this magazine with InDesign. It consists of my writings and photos unless stated otherwise.


These writings were published in various media outlets including:

  • + Extension Daily
  • + Auburn Family
  • + The Corner News


noun. 1. a relationship between two things or situations, especially where one thing affects the other.

you affect thing and things affect you.


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  • + By: Gayle Jenks
  • + Fall 2016
  • + Created with InDesign
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