I was told from a young age it is not about how many things you are involved in, but how deeply you are involved in a few things.

I set roots in a few places in Auburn and sank those roots deep.



I have been involved in CRU from the beginning of my freshman year and a member of the student leadership team for two years. It has provided me ways to learn, grow and lead. The student leadership team aims to train and equip students and send them out to reach the various parts of campus. My ability to work in groups has improved because of the experience I had as a member of the leadership team. I lead a community group of freshman and co-lead the weekly prayer meeting for our mission teams in East Asia.

Filter of Hope

Filter of Hope is a non-profit that distributes water filters with the goal of eradicating the global water crisis. The Auburn leadership team is composed of ten students and staff. I put my efforts into raising awareness, fundraising, events and recruiting a team of students for the spring break trip. I will co-lead the 2017 spring break trip of 60 students to Haiti. This leadership role has enhanced my administrative and communication skills.


Social Sorority

Risk Management Chair- 2015-2016
Website Manager 2016- current

Being in a social sorority was a great experience during my four years at Auburn. I was able to get involved in a variety of ways. As a committee member, I helped in the preparation and planning of philanthropy events. I was able to enhance my communication skills as the Risk Management chair, communicating between security agencies and the social chair. As website manager, I updated and created content within the sorority’s webpage.


My leadership roles have equipped me to work well on a team and to communicate effectively.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
-John Quincy Adams


  • + website manager
  • + administrative experience
  • + communication skills
  • + In: leadership, service
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