gayle jenks infographic

I created the 10-40 infographic using Canva. With my interest in international missions, this infographic informs about the 10-40 Window, the most un-evangelized part of the world. Most unreached people groups and resistance to the gospel are located within this window. I used information from the Joshua Project.

I designed and made the coffee infographic in Photoshop. Like I said in my About page I love coffee. It lists the steps needed to make a french press. The design is simple and clean.

gayle jenks infographic


I created and designed the 10-40 window infographic using Canva and the french press infographic in Photoshop

“Today, followers of Christ are concentrating their efforts on the unreached peoples of the world, most of which are in the 10/40 window.”


  • + Infographic
  • + Created in: Photoshop, Canva
  • + In: design, creative
  • + By: Gayle Jenks
  • + Information from Joshua Project
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