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Honors College

I enrolled in the honors college before my freshman year in 2013. The honors college has provided me an opportunity for more in-depth classes and has enhanced my time as an Auburn student. The honors college required me to maintain a 3.4 cumulative unadjusted GPA and 30+ honors hours.


Public Relations

With strong writing and communication skills, I was attracted to the multiple career path options presented with a PR degree. In my class curriculum, I gained ‘hands-on’ experience through group work and partnering with clients in the community for class projects. My classes have challenged and equipped me in the many facets of modern public relations.



My love for culture and language compelled me to complete a minor in Spanish language. The linguistic knowledge and experiences gained through my Auburn curriculum and studying abroad in Spain have shaped me into a global citizen and student. You can view my intercultural page here.


I am a PR major possessing strong communication skills and exceptional writing ability with a creative eye for design in various formats. Experienced with HTML and web design. Looking to bring versatility, creativity and commitment to the workforce .


The coursework required equips students in the following areas:

  • + critical thinking
  • + ethical reasoning
  • + problem solving
  • + group work
  • + real life application

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.” - Daniel J. Boorstin, American historian and author


  • + May 2017 graduate
  • + Major: Public Relations
  • + College of Liberal Arts
  • + School of Communication and Journalism
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