I’m Gayle Jenks. An Atlanta native by birth and an Auburn student by choice.

I am a simple soul who strives to foster relationships of the true, organic self. I see the beauty in the mundane and appreciate the gift of an ordinary day.
I believe the little things deserve the biggest celebrations. I drink far too much coffee, but think the best conversations happen over a cup of joe.

I am a gatherer: nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by those I love.

As a planner-less student, I need a balance of structure and freedom. I like to keep my chaos organized.

I am a wanderer, but view home as a haven, a refuge. I believe that home is so much more than a place and can be found in a sunrise, an old friend, or a long car ride.

I see things for what they can be. I do not believe in coincidences, but rather know God as sovereign over all.

I love traveling; I am shaped by the people I have met and the places I have been. The more places I go, the more myself I become.

I am a public relations major. Why? Because I am a firm believer that conversation is the greatest art form we have. Conversation is way more than two people talking.
Conversation is all around us. For me, writing is one of the best ways we communicate. I think every story deserves to be told, including yours.

If you have gotten this far, maybe you know me a tad better. Contact me, I would love to chat with ya.